Friday, November 9, 2012


I've been spending time on myself lately. Like most moms, I find it easy to look after my family but difficult to look after myself. Most women think they can't spare the time, or the expense and it seems some women have an almost pathological unwillingness to ask for help. Guilty as charged. But I am slowly learning that the investment in myself is the best investment I can make for my family. More yoga, regular massages to help manage chronic neck and shoulder pain AND...visits to a homeopathic allergist, both for my son and myself. (I will keep you posted on the results!)

I feel a bit guilty in the morning when I need to decide if I should go to yoga before or after my massage. It sounds ridiculously decadent but I can tell you that I have been happier and more patient and more fun to be kids have said to me more than once lately: "you are funny," and they mean funny=haha, not funny=weird!

Lately I've been doing a lot of doodling...and for me doodles always end up of the floral variety...especially flowers inspired by Hungarian folk art. Here are doodles from my sketchbook while I was glued to the television watching election news and results. Since this blog is my personal space, I can tell you that I am happy with the election results, not just on a federal level bit also closer to home. Californians voted to help fund public education on a variety of levels and I am thrilled.

This weekend we are heading to Laguna Beach to visit with family and celebrate my niece's birthday.  I originally wanted to paint her a mermaid.  I started something which never went past this stage.  I kind of hate it (which is actually a feeling I have for much of my artwork at one stage or another!)  I can't decide if I can keep at it or if she needs to be abandoned.  My niece is getting a mermaid dolly instead...because I can't pull this together in time for departure...

And finally...some pics of hikes we have taken lately.

 Happy PPF and Happy Friday and Happy long weekend and Happy Veteran's Day.
Paint Party Friday


  1. always enjoy your sketches and photos!

  2. smashing doodles and photos. Happy PPF, Annette x

  3. Good for you spending time taking care of yourself. :)
    Especially love that last photo of the tiny toad!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  4. Taking care of yourself is hugely important. Because if you are not at your best for you - you can not be your best for the others in your life. Great for you for recognizing this and carving out time to take care of you. Love the doodles. Happy PPF

  5. lovely post of your work and it is hard to find time for ourselves... but even taking time to make a cup of tea and take a moment to drink it in peace sorts me out...xx

  6. I agree with taking care of yourself. Fun mermaid

  7. Lovely sketches and photos, Rita! Funny, that you are the second blogger I've read today who mentioned about women tending to sacrifice their own time frequently for others. Yes, we certainly do need to take care of and nurture ourselves too....our kids/family will benefit from it too. I'm glad you're enjoying some yoga and massages.

    Btw, I was happy with the election outcome too even though I'm not American.

    Have a lovely weekend! xo

  8. Congrats for taking care of you! There is nothing decadent about getting what you need so that you have more to give to your family! My favorite today is the doodle with the 3 flowers from one stem! Happy PPF!

  9. I love that - should I go to yoga before or after my massage? What a great question. You are doing the right thing, taking care of you! I love your doodle flowers and beautiful photos. Happy PPF!

  10. I wouldn't call yoga or massage decadent, either, I'd call it wholesome for the soul and body instead! :) Stunning photos and cute doodles! Love the mermaid!

  11. I'm a grandmother and do much of the child rearing (again!) and it's taken me a long time to realize that I need to invest time in myself just to function!! I love your sketches. Happy PPF