Why are you gluten free and are you vegan or lactose intolerant?
Actually no one has asked me this...(hello!  anyone out there??) but I think I should explain since I refer a lot to vegan, dairy free and gluten free recipes yet I also have recipes that are not vegan, dairy or gluten free. 

Here's the deal. 

Dairy free:
My son is allergic to milk and has been since birth so for the last 9 or so years I have learned to cook diary free.  Most of my meals are dairy free and if you see dairy on them, it is cheese or salad dressing that can be added optionally before serving.  That being said, I do sometimes cook with dairy, especially if it's something my son wouldn't like anyway.

We are not vegan but many dairy free recipes happen to be vegan and while full time veganism is not for me, I definitely understand and appreciate the benefit of a plant based diet.  If I can add vegetarian and/or vegan meals to my rotation I am all for it!

Gluten free:
I have not been officailly diagnossed with any gluten related illnesses but I have learned through trial and error that I do not feel good when gluten is a regular part of my diet.  Read more about it here.

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