Friday, September 16, 2016

What I've been up to and are blogs dead?

There are certain blogs that I love and visit with regularity.  They are all "big" established blogs that have large followings and are managed as full time businesses.  This little blog of mine used to keep me pretty busy and I loved it.  I never had a ton of followers but I'm proud to say that some of my posts have had thousands of hits.  In the beginning I think I had very high hopes for this blog and then after a couple of years I viewed it much more as an art sharing platform.  And then...I confess I stopped doing art on a daily basis.  I was in a rut, sometimes broken with a quick painting or two, but it's safe to say that my art and blogging rut has lasted (off and on) for the better part of 1 1/2 years.  I am cautiously optimistic that my rut is finally over and I've been doing art every day.  This time, instead of blogging a ton to share my art, I've been sharing on Instagram.  I have discovered that there are so many wonderful artists and challenges on Instagram.  They are so much more accessible on IG than in blog form...which finally leads me to the point:  

Are blogs dead?

(Maybe not the big ones...but little ones like mine?)

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Folk Art flowers inspired by the folk art of the Kalocsa region on Hungary.  Mixed Media.

Dobos Torte.  The BEST Hungarian dessert.  Layers of cake and chocolate.  SO GOOD!  Watercolor.


  1. I hope they aren't dead. Instagram is so much easier than composing a blog post and I love it. But I also like little blogs that are random and personal and helpful and artistic in addition to those big lifestyle blogs. I blog for me first and foremost and if anyone reads it or follows along, well that's great but if not, well, I have a record of my thoughts and art or photography to rummage through and it doesn't take up any space in my house!

  2. Hi Rita! :) Jenny Frith So glad to see you are still making art.