Friday, March 15, 2013

Children's Art

I've been desperately trying to get back to posting art on this blog!  If you follow me here you know that I love painting art for children.  These three painting belong to my children and since my son is moving out of their shared room and into his own, these came off the walls today while we rearrange.  What better time to snap some pictures and share with you.

A pirate treasure map for Max

A flower garden for Rose
 A word about the flower garden case you recognize it, yes, I copied this from something I saw at a retail store.  I know this might be controversial...but truth be told, I taught myself to paint by copying others.  I have never tried to pass someone else's design as my own.  I always admit to copying (I prefer to call it inspiration!) and I never have tried to profit from any art that was not originally mine.  Just wanted to get that out of the way...

One day Max asked me to paint him the "Bob" character from Monster's vs. Aliens. 
Here it in on his new desk in his new room.
More of my children's art.

I've been missing linking up with Paint Party Friday and so glad I did it today because you can visit the site and see beautiful artwork you can bid on with proceeds going to Sandy Hook Elementary School!

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013


 A couple of weeks ago I chaperoned a school field trip to Lotusland the amazing garden and estate that belonged to Polish opera singer Ganna Walska. She married into money 6 times and eventually settled on these 37 acres in Montecito, California. She spent much of her fortune creating her gardens, even selling off some of her jewels to create a cycad garden that is valued at one million dollars today.
One of my favorite parts of the garden is the lemon arbor.  I have been wanting to recreate one since the first time I saw it. 

Isn't it lovely?



We were there when the sun was hot and harsh, and stopping to take pictures wasn't supposed to be my priority so my pictures are not great...check out the website for more pictures.  If you are planning to be in the Santa Barbara area, I highly recommend a visit to Lotusland.  Make reservations well in advance on the website, they only allow a small number of visitors per year.



Monday, March 4, 2013

Flower Cherry Blossoms and Beautiful Ruins

The flowering Cherry Tree is in full blossom in our garden
and I was playing around with my 50mm lens this morning.

Have you read Beautiful Ruins? 

It was my turn to pick our book club read this month and this book was my choice. 
I even splurged on the hard cover...since the book is so pretty to look at it. 
And I have to say I am about 1/2 way through and LOVING it.

What are you reading?