Friday, May 31, 2013

Santa Cruz Island aka Fluid no.3

I've finally finished my first commission.  As you know if you read here often, I was worried about the dark colors in the painting before and the fact that it didn't match it's mate so well.  I didn't want the dark colors to look like a stormy sea so I played up the sunset colors and finally I am happy with the way it came out....and so is it's new owner. 



 Obi photobombed:
I'm looking forward to my next project, feel some Hungarian flowers coming but it's been a crazy week around here, fires AND earthquakes.  My kids have experienced fires (unfortunately) but this was their first earthquake.  It was a relatively little one but they didn't understand it was an earthquake and froze in place, especially after I yelled at them to follow me outside.  My yelling scared them more than the earthquake that they didn't know was an earthquake!  I need to work out our emergency plans!

Next week is the last week of school and I am looking forward to summer, even though the kids being home with me makes my life much more complicated.  They have a few camps planned and I am hoping work slows down so we can have some fun around our beautiful town.

Paint Party Friday


  1. Congratulations on your first commission!
    It's gorgeous!!
    LOVE the Obi photobomb!! Precious!
    Now I want my doggy to photobomb my art, too! :)
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  2. Yes, this painting looks so good......cute pup under your pic! Happy PPF

  3. Just lovely, congrats on your first commission...stressful!

  4. I really think you improved an already pretty painting nicely. I like the heightened sunset. My first real earthquake, one that shook the house, we thought one of the heat pump furnaces was blowing up. My dh and I were running all over the house trying to find what had gone berserk. Of course, we should have been going out the door, not standing under the crystal chandelier.

    1. That's funny, Faye. I told me kids that after an earthquake everyone likes to share their "at frist I thought it was a..." stories. So mine is, at first I thought a cement truck was driving by.

  5. I love the changes and they work beautifully together. Happy PPF, Annette x

  6. I think they look wonderful together and I am crossing fingers and toes you have no more earthquakes or fires... what a week!!!

  7. How absolutely wonderful. Isn't it such a buzz doing a commission- although scary too. Love these. Congrats. Happy PPF

  8. Such lovely blues and very peaceful, beautiful work!

  9. Beautiful sorry about the earthquake and sad!!

    Hugs Giggles

  10. Lovely work! So moody and wonderful.

  11. Both the pieces look wonderful. I think the way you lightened the first piece worked very well and has come out beautifully. Great work. I love Obi! Have a great summer:)

  12. beautiful and full of life!

  13. Love the mood of all the beautiful blues. HPPF!