Friday, January 17, 2014

Hungarian Alphabet - A

I'm so happy to finally get organized enough to joining Paint Party Friday!  It's been ages since my last PPF and I truly have missed the wonderful inspiration I get from visiting other participants and the lovely comments I get in return. 

Today I am sharing my nearly completed Hungarian Folk Art "A."  For months and months, ever since my ICAD name in Hungarian flowers (below) I've been working on a way to develop an alphabet using Hungarian folk flowers.  The index card is only 3X5 and was done in Sharpie pens so translating to something larger and making it more like "REAL" art has been a challenge.

After months of doodling flowers to get the right shapes to form the letters I was finally ready to give it a go.  First I penciled flowers on an 8X10 piece of watercolor paper.

Then I began to fill in the colors

Now I've got all my painting done but I can't decide if I'm going to add any outlines for definition as I normally do...

Eventually this will be framed and given to my niece, Ava. 
She is lucky enough to be first in alphabetical order.

I'm hoping to be able to create an entire alphabet, maybe even two - lower and upper case. 

In other news, our unbelievable weather continues.  It's been gorgeous and sunny every day.  No clouds, no fog.  No moisture at all.  It's hard to complain because most people fly 1000's of miles to get this kind of weather this time of year but for me the relentless sun is just a constant reminder that it's the driest year ever on record and we are heading toward a nasty drought.  I look around my garden and wonder who will survive. 

Looking on the bright side, the weather has been warm enough to attract this adorable mermaid.

 Finally, I've been having problems using the "Blog This!" feature in Picasa to post to Blogger.  Does anyone else use that and if so, any issues?

Paint Party Friday

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sunset Watcher

Happy New Year!
A little late but this is my first post of the year. 
At this time of year I love to take sunset pictures and here are a few from the end of last year.

This one if looking out my kitchen door.
There wasn't much of a sunset this evening but I turned around and saw an opening in the clouds that was all pink lit up.