Saturday, January 26, 2013


Last weekend we joined A's family and went camping at Cachuma Lake in the mountains above Santa Barbara.  The best thing about camping in the winter is getting the prime spots. 
As soon as we were set up I sat in my camp chair and starting painting.
Here is the view from our campsite. 

We got really lucky and enjoyed fabulous weather (although it was freezing at night!) Normally the husbands take all 4 kids camping and A and I stay home enjoying the quiet and maybe a girls night out. I knew that camping with moms would be slightly different for the kids when my son, watching me pack plates, said:

"Why do we need plates? You hold a hot dog in your hand and eat chips out of the bag!"


Camping dog.


This log is normally submerged but the lake is low right now.  I love the texture in the wood.

Obi's first camping trip and first boat ride.  He was very well behaved!

Journal watercolor from the boat.
Floating "head."  Surprisingly clean, thank goodness!
Best trout I ever ate (and I'm not a fan of trout.)  Yes, my son is kissing the fish.  Crazy kid.

Another journal watercolor from the boat.

It's been a long time since I've shared at Paint Party Friday so excited to link up!
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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hello again!

Well hello again! 
This is the longest I've been away from the blog and I must admit the first couple of weeks felt like vacation but lately I've missed this space.  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season.
I also have to admit I did not do one artistic thing in my absence.  No painting, no drawing, I didn't take my art journal on my travels!  I have just been spending lots of time with family...and reading...and taking long baths.

We spent the week Christmas and the week after with my in-laws in the Central Valley of California.  They are a fun bunch and we enjoyed lots of good food and drink.

Here are pictures from our mini-vacation within a vacation in San Francisco, we spent a couple of days after Christmas there to celebrate my son's 10th birthday. 

There are 600,000 rivets in each tower.  It's true!

View from a hill in Golden Gate Park.
Not entirely sure why this lovely little spot was called Shakespeare's Garden...but it was charming.
Japanese Tea Gardens
Palace of Fine Arts
Full moon rising over the Bay Bridge
We managed to find a Chinese art supply store in Chinatown and Rose got an art lesson.
Transamerica Building