Wednesday, March 13, 2013


 A couple of weeks ago I chaperoned a school field trip to Lotusland the amazing garden and estate that belonged to Polish opera singer Ganna Walska. She married into money 6 times and eventually settled on these 37 acres in Montecito, California. She spent much of her fortune creating her gardens, even selling off some of her jewels to create a cycad garden that is valued at one million dollars today.
One of my favorite parts of the garden is the lemon arbor.  I have been wanting to recreate one since the first time I saw it. 

Isn't it lovely?



We were there when the sun was hot and harsh, and stopping to take pictures wasn't supposed to be my priority so my pictures are not great...check out the website for more pictures.  If you are planning to be in the Santa Barbara area, I highly recommend a visit to Lotusland.  Make reservations well in advance on the website, they only allow a small number of visitors per year.




  1. El árbol de Limón es una gran belleza, imagino el delicioso aroma que debe sentirse al caminar por ese corredor... hermosas fotografías.
    Saludo Cordial

  2. Everything about this place is magical! Someday maybe I can go there. (I'm jealous of the sun too!)

  3. Those gardens look as though they have wonderful vistas around every corner. A painter's delight perhaps.

    1. It would be wonderful to paint there but as far as I know you can only go on docent led tours...I'll have to look into that!

  4. i think your photos are fantastic! The shadows on the door are lovely. And I can smell the lemons!