Thursday, April 24, 2014

Throw Back Thursday (but not the way you think!)

It's throw back Thursday but instead or posting picture of me when I was little, here are some sunset photos I took back in January.  Yes, sometimes it can take 3 months to organize 3 photos.


Friday, January 17, 2014

Hungarian Alphabet - A

I'm so happy to finally get organized enough to joining Paint Party Friday!  It's been ages since my last PPF and I truly have missed the wonderful inspiration I get from visiting other participants and the lovely comments I get in return. 

Today I am sharing my nearly completed Hungarian Folk Art "A."  For months and months, ever since my ICAD name in Hungarian flowers (below) I've been working on a way to develop an alphabet using Hungarian folk flowers.  The index card is only 3X5 and was done in Sharpie pens so translating to something larger and making it more like "REAL" art has been a challenge.

After months of doodling flowers to get the right shapes to form the letters I was finally ready to give it a go.  First I penciled flowers on an 8X10 piece of watercolor paper.

Then I began to fill in the colors

Now I've got all my painting done but I can't decide if I'm going to add any outlines for definition as I normally do...
Eventually this will be framed and given to my niece, Ava. 
She is lucky enough to be first in alphabetical order.
I'm hoping to be able to create an entire alphabet, maybe even two - lower and upper case. 
In other news, our unbelievable weather continues.  It's been gorgeous and sunny every day.  No clouds, no fog.  No moisture at all.  It's hard to complain because most people fly 1000's of miles to get this kind of weather this time of year but for me the relentless sun is just a constant reminder that it's the driest year ever on record and we are heading toward a nasty drought.  I look around my garden and wonder who will survive. 
Looking on the bright side, the weather has been warm enough to attract this adorable mermaid.

 Finally, I've been having problems using the "Blog This!" feature in Picasa to post to Blogger.  Does anyone else use that and if so, any issues?

Paint Party Friday


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sunset Watcher

Happy New Year!
A little late but this is my first post of the year. 
At this time of year I love to take sunset pictures and here are a few from the end of last year.

This one if looking out my kitchen door.
There wasn't much of a sunset this evening but I turned around and saw an opening in the clouds that was all pink lit up.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

It's Thursday and something very exciting to share!

When I started blogging I imagined this place as an art blog but I was so nervous to share my art that my very first post was a recipe.  Posting recipes has been fun and rewarding and now one of my recipes has made it big!

Check out Redbook Magazine's online article about healthy Thanksgiving recipes to see my delicious recipe.  This is so exciting!

Visit the original Apple Cranberry Thanksgiving Salad post here.

And a little Thursday fun.
Me.  London Zoo?  1972ish.

Monday, October 28, 2013

It's Fall!

Living in Santa Barbara I am often told we don't have real seasons here but I beg to differ. Fall may be more subtle here and often we can get unexpected days of summer heat but our weather gets cooler, our leaves change, the air smells crisper. Today we are awaiting a bit of rain and it's the first day in a long time I'm wearing a chunky sweater. No better day to have a little Fall blog round up.

I don't get very creative with my nails in terms of nail art although I like unusual colors so I already had this bright orange and adding the jack-o-lantern face was super easy using a black nail pen from the drugstore. I'm so happy with how this looks, isn't it cute?

My first ever blog post almost two years ago was about roasted pumpkin seeds. Roasting pumpkin seeds is an annual tradition in my house. Last year I decided to revamp my roasted pumpkin seed post. It has since become my most popular post. Some of my posts only get a few hits put this one has THOUSANDS. It's also my most pinned picture on Pinterest. Around this time of year people start to come up to me ask ask for the recipe, and no wonder...the recipe is the BEST! See it here.

My sweet daughter/model

A few days ago I made these awesome candy corn rice krispie treats.  The best part about them is that the yellow tastes like lemon and the orange like orange (and the snozzberries taste like snozzberries....sorry, couldn't resist a little Veruca Salt here.)  Anyway, I love citrus desserts.

 Here is the recipe I used.  Rice Krispie treats recipe  The only thing I changed is using the larger portion for both the orange and the yellow.  I actually thought I would use a little more yellow, it got thin here and there.  Another tip is that it was very hard to shape the colors into the cake pan without making a sticky mess and almost ruining my manicure!  I used wax paper to press the colors into shape and that worked well. 

I finally made earring to match my best selling bracelets (in the manicure picture above.)

Turquoise Matte Czech Glass and Gold Vermeil Earrings

See them for sale here

We still have more pumpkin carving and lots of school activities this week.  And looking forward to trick or treating on Thursday.

Hope you are all having a lovely week!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I've been busy!

Just a quick post to share some new jewely I've made.  All available in the shop.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

WOYWW and 29 Faces

I really enjoyed my inaugural link up to What's on Your Worktable Wednesday's last week at the Stamping Ground.  It's so interesting to see other people's work space and projects.  Thanks to everyone who visited and left me comments.  I'm hoping I visited you back, I really try to visit everyone who comments and I think I usually succeed!

My work table lately has been the kitchen table.  Our small house, originally built for WWII veterans in the 50's, has no dining room so I can't even say I've taken over the dining room.  What I've done is taken over the corner of our kitchen table in our eat-in kitchen.

As I try to get a jewelry business going my art has taken a back seat.  To add insult to injury I am attempting the 29 faces challenge with mixed results.  Number 3 never even made it onto the blog.   I was feeling so bleck about drawing another face when I remembered a quote I love:

when in doubt, doodle 

And it worked because I love this one.  She is number 5. 
It turns out I love doodling hair.  Who knew?

This is what the kitchen table looked like today.

One of the dangers of being on Etsy all the time is seeing the great stuff for sale.  I fell in love with this tole box.  If I ever sell my jewelry at a show I can use it as my cash box.
And I am trying desperately to stay organized with jewelry making supplies. 

Back to the box, isn't it pretty?

For now I've decided to keep my stamps in it.
I had custom made rubber stamps made out of some of my Hungarian Flowers.  I love them!

This was my first sale and I experimented with packaging.  I think it looks so cute.

Visit My Etsy Shop

29 faces