Saturday, August 8, 2015

Art for Kids - part 2

The frame

Here is part 2 of the project my daughter and I did this week.  In part 1 we created pretty pictures of poppies with crayons and paint.  Now I'll show you the process for the frame.

I bought pre cut picture mat boards but you can easily cut your own.  With a pencil lightly draw your pattern on the frame.  Use white school glue to go over all your lines.  Let dry over night.

Once completely dry, paint over the whole frame.  We used metallic gold paint.  Let dry.

When the paint is dry apply black show polish with a soft cloth.  Be fairly liberal with the polish so it sticks into the edges and grooves in the dried glue.  Wipe away any excess but don't wipe too much, you want some of the black to stay behind to create that antique look.

Aren't they great?

Sharing at Sunday Sketches today.


  1. what beautiful work and a wonderful creative project to do with the kids! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh what a fun idea! They look wonderful!

  3. wonderful project! I read recently you can do the same trick with glue and cardboard and use it as a stamp.

  4. Oh wow... it looks fabulous framed now... and its got an amazing crackle-look to it. I knew I loved that thicker paper from your last post!!

  5. Rita, this was absolutely brilliant! I LOVE LOVE the frame. It makes the poppies look even more beautiful! :)

  6. That's really clever! They look a lot more complex than just cardboard, glue and paint!