Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Little Story

Here is a little story which is a little view into my every day life.

I am watering the garden from a hose this morning.  Obi is trying to catch the water stream in his mouth which is a game he loves even though he doesn't really like getting wet.  So feeling quite playful I turn the hose full on his body - he is in need of a bath which is an hour long, back-breaking ordeal for both of us - and I figure a nice hose off is just what he needs.  He escapes by running in circles and then rolls in the dirt to get extra dirty.  I squirt him again, fully soaking him, both of us enjoying this more than him, I'm sure.  Then he runs past me and I realize I have left the door open.  He runs in the house and shakes in my living room. 
Then I mopped the floor.

Here is in looking slightly sheepish, although truth be told, he has no idea shaking muddy water all over his person's living room is not a good idea.


  1. what a face. kudos to you for being such a loving, patient momma!:)

  2. Not sure my reaction was patient...but had to laugh...