Thursday, June 6, 2013

ICAD, Index-Card-a-Day 2013, day 2 - 6

I've been having lots of fun creating an index card every day.  It's been great to share these on Flickr and Facebook.  I love seeing what everyone else is doing and I love all the comments that go back and forth.  Some people do very painterly cards or amazing collages.  For me, I find the cards the perfect opportunity to doodle with pens and markers.   Here are my last several days of cards.  All are 3X5 index cards.

Day 2. 
Faux stitched flowers.  I've done something like this before.

Day 3.
 What I call my high school doodles because this is what covered all my high school folders, book covers and margins.   In rainbow, which was one of the ICAD prompts. 
Here are my "rules" for high school doodles.
 1. Each loop has to come back and connect with it's beginning, they can be tiny, like a little circle or take up the entire page, as long as it loops back to itself.
2. No lines can touch, if you can help it.
 3. Not too much white space, add little circles to fill in where necessary. Viola!

Day 4.
I've never tried zentangles or tangles or doodles of this sort (apparently some people are annoyed that these are often refered to anything other than "doodles.")  Anyway, I've never really tried them in a conscious way and I can tell you there definitely is something "zen" about repeating lines and pattens like this.  I really enjoyed it.  The yellow bars are already on the index card (you can see them faintly peaking through on the flower card above.)
 I love black, white and yellow together.

Day 5.
I was on a doodling roll but wanted a change from black & white (& yellow) so tried something new in rainbow.

Day 6.
Back to Hungarian folk flowers for today.  Using the color obviously.  And my adorable little stamp.  Although I regretted the stamp as soon as I did it...


  1. Some very cool designs! The blue flower might be my favorite of this bunch. What beautiful color!

  2. Rita! I love your line work and colours. They are spectacular. For a moment I thought your first card was stitched! Stunning work. :)