Monday, June 4, 2012

Puppies, Birdies and Red Hot Pokers (Oh my!)

First things first.  Our latest puppy picture.  Our little guy is on the right.  His brother Jack on the left.

Yesterday a bird drama took place in our backyard.  A little baby birdie fell out of it's nest.  It's mama hung around, bringing it food to eat.

I couldn't see the nest so the kids and I made one using a plant hanger and old towels.  The little birdie didn't like this, he immediately climbed out - you can see him just to the left of the chains.  He hung around in the tree for a long time, his mama kept coming with food and I thought he might be safe up there.

This is why we were worried.  Our neighbor's cat Yoda.  He hangs around a lot.

I hoped the baby birdie would stay in the tree out of Yoda's reach.

The papa bird did not like seeing Yoda around. 
He screeched and screeched at the cat but Yoda just ignored him.

  The baby bird fell out of the tree and when I tried to pick him up again he buried himself amongst the succulent branches and I was afraid that trying to get him out would be too risky with his fragile little body. 

While this drama played out I was drawing a clump of Kniphofia,
but it's much more fun to call them Red Hot Pokers.
I checked on the birdie in the evening but couldn't find him or his parents.  I went out again this morning and sadly found the evidence that he didn't survive the night.  Poor little thing.


  1. I love your drawing and the Red Hot Pokers are beautiful!

    And great storytelling through the pictures!

    Very sad about the baby bird though :0( I have a hard time not getting emotional about stuff like that when I see it.

  2. puppies!! great photos. i love seeing artists hold up their work in progress... inspiring!

  3. Oh my gosh a new puppy? Really exciting times for you! We brought Sammy our youngest home last year in mid-June. Talk about a sleepless week, but I can't imagine life without our goldies!! And puppies are so much fun!