Friday, June 29, 2012

Kauai Vacation Journal - Goals

I've never kept a travel journal that includes art before.  I've never made goals for vacation before, either...but I wanted to start my journal the night before we left so making goals made perfect sense.
So how did I do?
That's me!  Hanalei Bay

The kids paddled too...not always standing! (Only two of these kids are mine...we met friends)

I did eat healthy...but making s'mores on the beach is not to be missed!

Art. Every day.

Click here to see journal art from the day we snorkeled at Tunnels. 

The first of many shave ices.  My favorite flavor was coconut with macadamia nut ice cream in the bottom.

Hiking Pihea Trail

Hiking Kalalau Trail

 And no...I won't show any pics of #9.

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  1. I so want to visit Hawaii! I love that you started an travel journal. and i looooove your goals, especially #9! Hope you're having a great time.