Wednesday, July 31, 2013

ICAD Roundup 2013

Here we are at the last day of ICAD for 2013 and I'm already looking forward to next year.  I can't overstate how much fun and inspiration I got out of this challenge.  I had never drawn on index cards before and the simplicity and casual nature of them opened up a whole new world of art to me.  I love that they are small, portable, inexpensive and accept a variety of media. 
Through this challenge I have explored doodling, zentangles, collage, found poetry, coffee stains, coloring on security envelopes and abstract subject matter in addition to my normal acrylics and watercolors.  I developed a love for my Sharpie pens.  My cards and pens traveled in my bag all over town.  I created art at swim meets, the golf course, on vacation and at parties.  I inspired friends to take up doodling and they now carry around their own supplies and give sets of Sharpies as birthday gifts. 
It's not unusual for one of my friends to approach me and say "do you have any cards?"
And of course, my answer is always "YES!"
All 61!
 Here are a few that haven't made it onto the blog yet.
Day 50.  Wax resist with crayons and watercolor
Day 51.
Day 59. Strange doodles
Day 60.  Magenta watercolor and white Uni POSCA extra fine.  I learned about this pen on the ICAD FB page during the "great white pen debate."  I love it!

Day 61.  Sharpie Circles.

A very sincere thank you to Tammy Garcia at Daisy Yellow for creating such a fun and safe atmosphere online to experiment, inspire and be inspired.  More than half the fun was posting my cards and seeing the reaction to them.  Browsing all the cards and commenting on other people's work was something I looked forward to every day.  I really enjoyed all the interaction and hope that we all stay in touch!
I'm looking forward to continuing on the Daisy Yellow and Tammy's Daily Paper Prompts. 
Hope to see you there!


  1. Love seeing your entire collection laid out, and I think you final card sharpie circles is the perfect ending. Vibrant,colorful,delightful. And I love how you've inspired your friends to open up and play as well - how fun.

  2. this has been such a fun challenge!! i've enjoyed following along and seeing your cards. they have all been so nice.

  3. This must be the happiest and most upbeat blog post I have seen in ages! It's so terrific how you're spreading it all around. These are all terrific but that one with the circles on the bottom - wow!

    1. Cindy, I almost have a tear in my eye! Thanks! :)

  4. Beautiful work - and what an accomplishment! Cindy is right, this is such a joyful post and it reminds me of the fun I had as well. Lookin' forward to next year.

  5. Great zentangles Rita. Aren't they just so addictive? Beautiful work.

  6. What a fun project! I Love the collection. Its so colorful and imaginative!

  7. I adore the magenta/white card and the circles. Nicely done!