Thursday, November 14, 2013

It's Thursday and something very exciting to share!

When I started blogging I imagined this place as an art blog but I was so nervous to share my art that my very first post was a recipe.  Posting recipes has been fun and rewarding and now one of my recipes has made it big!

Check out Redbook Magazine's online article about healthy Thanksgiving recipes to see my delicious recipe.  This is so exciting!

Visit the original Apple Cranberry Thanksgiving Salad post here.

And a little Thursday fun.
Me.  London Zoo?  1972ish.


  1. Wooo! That's just terrific, congratulations! And it's such a lovely photo too, not to mention the recipe.

    Adorable photo of you! Isn't it odd to see a camel in a zoo? I guess not. I just think of them as working animals and not exotic. But they probably seemed more exotic back before the internet made the world a smaller place. :)

  2. Wow! Congrats- the recipe looks simply yummy.

  3. oh my that photo of you is great! you are adorable!!
    Happy weekend :)