Friday, June 27, 2014

ICADS 15 - 21

Isn't life strange sometimes? I don't feel that I am doing anything different from last summer yet I struggle to find them time to keep up with this blog this year. Last year was easy, blog posts all the time...where does the time go?

I really love linking up with Paint Party Friday but I try to wait until I have actually painted! Since two of my index cards from this group were actually painted with acrylics and a brush, I'm happy to share.


#17 Acrylic, pencil, Micron on paper, my version of a Gustav Klimt piece

The face...she needs a little tweaking...but overall I am pleased and this was a fun exercise

Another Klimt inspired card for #19. Layers of Sharpie and colored pencil
#16 acrylic on paper

#20 Micron and Sharpies

#21 Micron and Sharpies

#15 Micron

#16 Pencil hedgehog doodles

Paint Party Friday




  1. Wow, what a lot of glorious work, I especially love the Klimt ones! Valerie

  2. Love all the bright and happy colors.

  3. Lovely bright colors and cool details!

  4. fantastic variety of projects! Happy PPF!

  5. At some point I thought I should only join with paintings too, but I am mostly a pen and ink person these days, and people don't seem to mind too much. :D (Though I didn't manage anything this week! Maybe I'll do a late entry.)

    So many interesting styles! I really love that colorful ink with the circles!

  6. very nice ICADs….i especially like the micron pen doodles!!

  7. This is a very nice post. I love all of the art you have created for this week. well done.

  8. Love all the strong colours in the first 2 pieces. And the ones with micron and sharpies are fantastic. So joyful and happy ...

  9. I think we all struggle with the blog thing! Sometimes we keep up... sometimes less. You're doing fine! :D Eeeek, ADORABLE hedgehogs! The red flower is really lovely and that's a lot of great ink art too!