Thursday, June 12, 2014

Summer of Color 2014. Week One. Aqua Blue, Yellow, Hot Pink.

Last year I participated in Summer of Color 2013 a handful of times.  This summer I am determined to keep up and post about every week.  This is week one and the colors are Aqua Blue, Yellow and a touch of Hot Pink. 
I thought a tropical fish would be fun and was thrilled to find a refernce photo of a yellow fish with a dash of hot pink on it.  I used watercolor, Sharpie, pencil and white gel pen.  I found this process quite difficult because I tried to make the fish as realistic as I could.  It would have been mush easier had a invented my own fish, I suppose. 
After days of layering on different mediums trying to get the right look this is about as good as it gets and my inner voice says "PUT THE PEN/BRUSH DOWN."
Here is the final result. I'm not one to bash my own work, my philosophy on confidence is that is you are not confident, fake it (this in itself is a form of confidence, no?) 
Anyway, before I ramble (further,) I think this is just "meh." 
It can only get better from here. 
See you next week.

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  1. Well Rita, I just love it! I love the movement in your painting and I really like how you used the SOC colors!!!!!

  2. Love your fish. Also looked at your index card a day ---you've been busy, I see.

    Thanks for stopping to view my "Summer of Color" post this week.

  3. love how your fish is glaring at something off picture to the left - has me wondering if it is food or danger or love!

  4. Very cool looking. Your fish looks like it is going after something. Food, perhaps? Well done.

  5. Lovely! So nice and bright and well painted :)

  6. I like your fish, and it's a perfect subject for summer art!

  7. Nice colours, luv the fish, have a nice Friday

    Much love...

  8. love your SOC art-great fish!

  9. There's nothing wrong with your fish, it's beautiful and looks real. You're too hard on yourself. Lovely use of the colors for this week. Enjoy your weekend.

  10. Well, I love it, the colours are so bright and vibrant and I have to say that is one very happy looking fish. It's wonderful.

  11. Hmm, I think it's better then just "meh" ;-) I like how you did the water, and your fish looks very lifelike.

  12. Great job on SOC. I missed the first week. Will try to participate as much as I can.
    Happy weekend to you.