Monday, January 26, 2015

A Very Late Happy New Year

It's still January so I think it's not to late to say Happy New Year.
At the end of last year I was busy making jewelry to sell and holiday craft fairs.  The full time, work from home job I've been lucky enough to have for the last 8 years has changed to (very) part time so I've been focusing on trying to replace the income.  Holiday jewelry sales were good and I added some art to the table...somehow selling art felt so very personal.  

I've been looking for a new job but the going is slow.  And stressful.  So I am making a bigger effort than usual to enjoy the blessings I have.  As I always do at this time of year I enjoy watching the sunsets.  The picture above was taken looking out our kitchen.  

The picture below is from a park just down at the end of our street.  I watch the sky every evening and if it the conditions are right I can sneak away for 15 minutes of sky watching before I make dinner. I never get tired on taking pictures of sunsets.

I hope you are all enjoying 2015 so far.  I am looking forward to what lies ahead...I just wish I knew what it was!

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