Saturday, March 3, 2012

Saturdays Sights and Sounds

It's a beautiful day and I spent the morning outside enjoying it.

Forgive the shakiness, I had been running when I decided it would be fun to take a little video, the ocean is so much better when you can hear it, too.

Today was the second day this week I ran without pain!  I didn't wear my Gramin, no obsessing over pace, heart rate, distance.  I ran when it felt good and slowed to a walk when it didn't.  Thank goodness I was running when my hard-core friend Maggie saw me or I would have felt like a wimp!!


  1. Pretty pics! You could never be thought of as a wimp. You are a supermom/wife/cook/artist/yogi/runner extraordinaire! And you looked great going up that hill!

  2. Love the pics! I wish Those were my views when I run! I don't like looking at the Garmin either when I helps me appreciate days like those. Very cool!