Saturday, September 7, 2013

Figs, Figs, Figs!

In my last post I shared some of the reasons that I love September and I can't beleive I forgot to mention figs!  And my annual girls trip to Palm Springs which is at the end of the month.

I decided to share this painting of figs from a while back today so I can link up with Diana Evans for Sweet Saturdays.  I've been meaning to join one of Diana's links ups for a while but time gets away from me...

Watercolor on paper

Figs on my art desk...working quickly before the ants figure it out.

When the figs are overripe I like to use them in smoothies, fresh or frozen. I put them in the blender, skin and all. They add a nice creamy texture and a subtle flavor. They are high in calcium and other minerals, loaded with vitamins and antioxidants. What's not to love?

Fig & Peach Green Smoothie:
1 large fig, cut up and skin on
1 medium peach, cut up and skin on
2 cups mixed baby spinach, collard greens and kale (or any green)
about 6 oz water
add crushed ice if you like your smoothies really cold as I do
when I make fig smoothies for the kids I add barely a hint of greens and much more fruit.

Another amazing way to eat figs:

Slice figs in half and place face up on pretty serving tray. Put crumbled blue cheese and roasted almonds on each fig. Drizzle whole thing with honey.

And some most exciting news!  I sold my first piece of jewelry from my brand new Etsy shop.  OK, it was to a friend of mine...but still!

Visit my new Etsy Shop.

I'm also linking up with Alexandra at Sunday Sketches.



  1. I love these figs!!! You did a wonderful job here, they look fantastic!

  2. what a great sketch of the figs..I got some figs in for my sons to try and they liked them next time I think we will make smoothies with them too

  3. what a great sketch of the figs..I got some figs in for my sons to try and they liked them next time I think we will make smoothies with them too

  4. What a lovely painting and that smoothie recipe sounds fantastic!

  5. Oh man! I have fig envy. My partner grows figs (in containers, which he brings into the garage in the winter), but we're not getting many because the critters are all getting them first--hundreds of figs. The blue cheese on them looks marvelous.

    Thank you for your comments on my blog. I really appreciate it.

    I really the rich brown in your watercolor sketch.

  6. I like your advice about drawing 100 of something, that should sort me out! :)
    That's a lovely paintings of the figs, very figgy! The smoothie sounds delicious,I haven't bought figs for ages but I shall certainly go out and get some now with all this temptation of yours!xx

  7. oh my goodness, i wish i had a fig tree! love them. I doubt they even grow in Montana, The bears should would like them ;-)

    your painting is wonderful
    that meal makes me drool
    and the smoothie sounds delish!

  8. Love how you included the culinary arts and fine art together! What a lovely painting, and the color is perfect!

  9. I am so thrilled you popped by and linked up!!!! your fig piece and food creations are amazing....I have been dabbling away on recipes and testing out so many new things!!!! Thank you again for popping by!!!

  10. What an amazing job, Rita! Absolutely love it! :)

  11. This is such a beautiful and yummy combination you made. Both the watercolor picture and the fig and cheese photograph. I love both pictures!

  12. I love your fig painting, it's so beautiful! I've never been a huge fan of figs, but I could see trying them in a smoothie. Congrats on the sale!