Thursday, August 23, 2012

Color in the Garden

There has not been a lot of art happening lately.  I have carpal tunnel syndrome which makes it hard to do much of anything.  I am currently challenging my brain by trying to work using shortcut keys and moving the mouse to my left hand...makes for a slower day, that is for sure.  Luckily my work has not been busy so I have been able to enjoy the beach and this last week of summer before school starts.  Today ended up with thick fog that never burned off close to the beach so I took my 50mm lens out into the yard to experiment.  I like the watery backgrounds of the pictures.

A dwarf pomegranate...I wish the little fruit was in focus instead of the leaves in the foreground but I could not get the camera to cooperate!  I had almost given up on this little tree, it's been years with no fruit.  I was thinking it was just an ornamental variety and so glad to finally see fruit! 
Despite my neglect I've still got roses.  These are called Strike it Rich.
A little bit of the tropics on a foggy day.
I never get tired of these tiny orchids.
Blood oranges!  Like the pomegranate, this is another first for this tree.  I can't wait to taste these.
Giant fern.
I wish I could remember the name of this one...another tropical addition to the garden.
Amaryllis belladonna.  We like to call them "naked ladies"
Pink Melaleuca
Another one whose name I can't remember!
15 weeks old.  One more week before we can take this little guy to the beach.
A monarch chrysalis.  My 7 year old daughter thought it was so charmingly located in this little opening in a rosemary bush that she called it "pixie hollow" and decorated it with flowers and pretty stones.

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