Monday, August 27, 2012

Hello Monday

Hello Monday!  It's the first day of school.  My son was so excited (for the first time ever!) to go to school.  He is in the class he wants with his friends.  So happy to have him settled. 
My daughter had a rockier start...she wanted to sit next to a friend but instead is sitting in between two boys.  She was excited...for recess.  She's a happy girl, though, and will be fine by the end of the day.
First day at school means first day back to Bikram Yoga for me.  I've only gone to a handful of classes all summer.  I hope I don't die.  I will set my mat up in the back near the door and hope for a teacher who likes to give us a blast of cool air once in a while!

We had a lovely last day of summer:

Took Obi for a walk while waiting for the clouds to burn off.

Baby Blue Bellied Lizard

Surfing lesson...this was his first wave ever and he stood right up!

I made mini muffins so my kids could have a yummy treat in their lunches.

Linking up with Lisa.
 How was your weekend?  And how was your Monday?


  1. seated between two elementary school girl likes that!

    are those chocolate muffins?

    1. Hi Denise, they are apple muffins. Out of a box, I admit...

  2. i love your photos... especially of the little lizard on your boy's thumb. Happy-Back-to-School!!