Saturday, August 11, 2012

My Hungarian Doll Collection

I've been doing a lot of Hungarian folk art lately and today I decided to take out all of my Hungarian dolls to share.  Most of them live in a china cabinet but some are so old that they are packed away.

The two on the edges are my oldest dolls, especially my childhood doll on the left who dates back to the early 1970's.
Here she is in better days...I must have been 7 or 8 in this picture.
Detail of her skirt and apron.

At school with me, I think this was third grade, it was some kind of heritage day.  I'm also wearing an embroidered blouse, apron and slippers (papucs,) I wish my teacher had taken better pictures!
My other childhood doll (on the right in picture above.)
Detail of her apron
She is my big girl (in the middle in picture above.)  My mom brought her back from Hungary for me about 5 years ago.
 She is almost 2 feet tall

She has great little feet (and bloomers!)
I bought this doll when I was in Hungary in 2001.
Also bought in 2001.  Even though she is small, the detail on her is amazing.
Given to my daughter by her grandmother.  I've had to repaint her face a couple of times.


  1. Oh, your dolls are so beautiful! I love all the striking colors. And cute pics of you as a child.

  2. Love your doll collection! Many of them are very familiar. We had quite a collection growing up. One of them had a similar black embroidered apron. The detail is just amazing!