Monday, August 13, 2012

Hello Monday (A day at the beach)

With two weeks left until school starts, 4th grade! 2nd grade!, the weather has been great and I have been wanting beach time.  This is our local beach, those of you who follow my blog have seen this point before...I've painted & photographed it a bunch.  It's the beach I can walk to and often walk, run or bike past.
Ahhh...hello beauty

Hello pelicans
Hello sketchbook.  Watercolor pencils at the beach and then filled in with watercolors at home.

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  1. I would love love love to have a beach like this nearby, but alas, they're hard to come by in Kansas. I'm not sure I would ever feel like I could do it justice in a drawing, but if I saw it every day.

    I really really like your "frozen" painting in the post below this one. Such rich colors!

  2. You are SO lucky to leave near the beach! I can smell the salt air. beautiful waves in your drawing.

  3. Wow..this is jealous and you are SO talented!
    Sheree x

  4. Beautiful beach and drawing. You have such a peaceful view to enjoy.

  5. Ha - we are also entering 2nd and 4th... started a few weeks ago. Not bad, but I'd rather be on your beautiful beach! I love the shot of the pelicans especially.

  6. Thanks Everyone! We decided to return to the beach on Tuesday and about 1 hour after we left a surfer spotted a Great White Shark not 100 yards from where my kids were swimming and bogey boarding! Yikes!!!

  7. Even though I don't like the sun too much, now I wish I could escape the hot and humid city of Milan and put my feet into the sea... Great work!!

  8. Beautiful photos! I didn't know pelicans fly in formation like that. I'm jealous of your beach. Your paintings are lovely, both this one and the one posted for IF "freeze". You have a great feel for sea colors!

    Thanks for your comment on the little mantra illustration on my blog. If you do print it, I hope it works for you like it does for me! :)