Friday, September 21, 2012

Oh Plumeria!

It might be that they are beautiful or maybe that intoxicating fragrance. 
It might be that they remind me of wonderful Hawaiian vacations. 
Whatever the reason, I love plumeria. 
I have two small potted plants on my front porch. 
This year one of them is blooming with abandon.
Seeing these flowers every day brings me such joy.

I decided to do a journal entry of Plumeria:

Later in the day I visited the nursery. 
I was looking for cool season veggies to start the transition
of my veggie beds from summer to fall and winter. 

Instead I found this:

I brought it home. 
The smell in my car on the way home was amazing.
 I wanted to paint these beautiful blooms. 
I thought painting them would be so easy...but it wasn't. 
Getting the shadows and three dimensional quality of the petals
as they spiral out from the center felt darn near impossible. 
I'm not thrilled with the results
but it is pretty cheerful looking if you don't over-analyze, isn't it?

Perhaps it looks better from farther away:
 Happy PPF and happy weekend.


  1. Wow, those are gorgeous flowers! The real ones are pretty good too. ;) I like how you did a study in your journal and the painting has some awesome contrast. Loving my PPF peeps...hugs!

  2. Smashing flower paintings. Happy PPF, Annette x

  3. You just transported me to tropical paradise. I can even imagine the smell of those plumeria. They are my favs when I go to Hawaii. Beautiful! Happy PPF

  4. Hi Rita, nice to meet you. Really beautiful flowers. Awesome journal pages. Love Plumeria. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful weekend. Happy PPF!

  5. Wonderful floral photographs and artwork!!
    What great inspiration!

    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  6. Beautiful and paintings! :)The yellow is so cheerful and bright.

  7. your flowers look beautiful in your paintings and in real life, what wonderful colour!

  8. Beautiful garden! Awesome photography too. You need a staedy hand for such macro shots.
    Love the contrast of the flowers against the white background of the journal.

  9. we have plumeria... or frangipani as we commonly call them all through my street and they hang over the back fence... one of the ways I know summer is close is by waiting for the waft of their fragrance... we are so close at the moment... they are amazing aren't they...xx

  10. Those flowers are gorgeous - how nice to see them blooming near you! Your drawings are lovely - I think you did an awesome job!!!

  11. I love both...your photos and your paintings! Is the yellow plant Plumeria as well?

    1. Thank you! Yes, the yellow is the plumeria I just bought this week. The pink I brought home from Kauai 4 years ago, this is the first time it bloomed.

  12. Wonderful plumeria paintings! And for my knife sheaths: they are mostly made of leather, sometimes with an inlay of rawhide, especially when I do beadwork on the outside. The inlay keeps the knife from cutting the threads or the thin leather I beaded on. Happy PPF!

  13. Very pretty work!! Great photos too!!

    Hugs Giggles

  14. Those pink Plumeria are amazing! I haven't seen those yet. But when I see the white and yellow ones I always have to smell them. So delicious! Love your painting of it, it indeed looks cheerful!

  15. Yes, very cheerful and very pretty!

  16. oh how lovely
    i can almost smell them

  17. Pretty pictures of flowers ..Saludos

  18. beautiful flowers, Rita! I can smell them from here!

  19. Your flowers have the power to spread love and cheer :)

  20. Hi Rita,

    I found my way over here via Jenny's blog. What a lovely blog you have! We call those flowers Frangipani here and, I agree, they are indeed beautiful flowers with a beautiful scent. Nice journal entry and painting.

    Have a lovely weekend,
    Serena :)

  21. I have great memories of Hawaii as well. And I found another Q-tip fan. I couldn't do my art without them!

  22. I love those flowers. I used to grow them when we lived in So CAL. Lovely paintings of them too. HPPF late

  23. Very cool story. My house was filled with wedding flowers for a week or so after the big day. It smelled so good walking into our dining room.

  24. I wish I had thought to bring a plumeria plant home when we visited Hawaii several years ago! Your photos of the flowers are gorgeous and I think you did a great job interpreting them with your art!! :)

  25. Plumerias are my favorite flower. I lived in Hawaii for a few years as a kid and the smell always brings me back in an instant. The pictures capture them well!