Monday, September 24, 2012

More tomatoes and an easier way of preserving your bumper crop.

My tomato plants are still producing so it was bound to happen.  Given my banner year for tomatoes and my new obsession with the Ninja blender, it was only a matter of time before the two collided.  This summer I've learned how to peel, seed and freeze tomatoes.  I've made homemade marinara sauce.  Both where easy but a bit time consuming and require some planning ahead. 

The other night I was browning meat for tacos.  Sometimes I add salsa for flavor so adding tomatoes makes perfect sense.  I've tried just adding chopped tomatoes but the peel separates and won't incorporate into the meat.  My children won't eat it if they see it. 

I couldn't add my peeled an seeded tomatoes because they were frozen solid and I've also learned that the skin is very nutritious, so I popped some tomatoes in the blender peel and all, added some water and made a tomato puree. 

I added the tomato puree to the browned meat with herbs and spices and it was delicious! I made a second batch to pop in the freezer to use another night (see last picture.)

  Knowing how easy this is and that the tomato skin has so much value means that this is going to be my new method of preserving tomatoes. More nutritious, less time. It's a win/win.


I froze the puree very flat in a freezer bag, this way when it's frozen I can break off smaller pieces if I need just a bit.  No need to defrost the whole thing.



  1. I've done that. It's great to hear that you are doing your own tomatoes. Nothing like home grown. I learned about 20 or 25 years ago that washing, drying, double bagging in good plastic bags and freezing whole works absolutely wonderful. The tomatoes freeze solid hard and whole. Then when you need to use for sauce, salsas or soup, just pop a few out of the freezer, run them under hot water at the sink, and the skin just comes right of. Slice them in 4's and toss into soup or blender to make salsa. Works wonderful. Take care.

  2. what a great idea! I want a Ninja.

  3. oh what a fantastic idea!!!! thanks!

  4. What a clever idea! Thank you so much for sharing!!!