Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bursting with Figs

This time of year is fig time.  We have a baby tree that is not yet producing well but my dear friend has a tree positively bursting with figs.  We get bags and bags of figs from her. 

These figs are so ripe they have burst.

Watercolor on paper

Figs on my art desk...working quickly before the ants figure it out.

When the figs are overripe I like to use them in smoothies, fresh or frozen.  I put them in the blender, skin and all.  They add a nice creamy texture and a subtle flavor.  They are high in calcium and other minerals, loaded with vitamins and antioxidants.  What's not to love?

Fig & Peach Green Smoothie:
1 large fig, cut up and skin on
1 medium peach, cut up and skin on
2 cups mixed baby spinach, collard greens and kale (or any green)
about 6 oz water
add crushed ice if you like your smoothies really cold as I do
when I make fig smoothies for the kids I add barely a hint of greens and much more fruit.

Another amazing way to eat figs and is our go to fig recipe every year on our annual
Girls Weekend in Palm Springs:

Slice figs in half and place face up on pretty serving tray.  Put crumbled blue cheese and roasted almonds on each fig.  Drizzle whole thing with honey.

How do you enjoy figs?  My dear friend and I would love some new ideas!


  1. Lucky you with a supply of figs nearby! Love all of the rich tones in your painting.

  2. Lovely painting - textured fruit is hard to get right! I don't believe I have ever seen a fig tree but I bet they are beautiful. Thanks for sharing your still-life set up, it is always fun to see studios!

    xo - Brandi

    PS: thank you so much for stopping by my blog!

  3. You reminded me of my childhood, up the fig tree with my cousins!
    Lovely studio table view, awesome figs. :)

  4. Wow, that would definitely be a cool tree to have. Have you made any dessert style fig bars? Those would probably be good. Although I could just eat them alone. Lovely painting!

  5. I love figs, and your painting and the little scene from your studio. I have never thought of a fig smoothie. Thanks for sharing the recipe, I am going to try it when they are in season :)

  6. Oh yummie! I love figs and figsmarmelade. I live in Holland and the only fig you can find there are little greenish ones in the supermarket, and that is seldom. Love your painting. The figs looks still warm of th sun and juicy.

  7. Rita great little fig study. Lucky you to have these on tap.

  8. So so much yumminess in this post!! Including the illustration!! I want to drink and eat everything!

  9. I love your figs and I suppose the evidence was devoured long looks luscious indeed. I had a whirl down your blog........nice stuff and I loooovvve
    your kitty and dog...sweeeeet! Have a great day. Thanks for coming by my blog...

  10. This brings back such memories- I had my first fresh fig treat on vacation in Italy. It was so delicious- I'd love to have a tree of figs!

  11. Mmmm....I love figs! My grandparents had fig trees and we would eat them ripe off of the way to eat them in my opinion!!! My family has always made fig preserves which I LOVE! My mother just gave me a jar and I've been eating them with lemon goat cheese on toast - YUMMM!!!

  12. Lovely illustration of the figs. And that recipe looks yum too :)